Flying Dog – Garde Dog

Flying Dog - Garde DogFlying Dog surprised me with another round of beer-mail last week, this time with their seasonal brew, Garde Dog. It’s a Bie’re de Garde, a style which lies somewhere between a light Belgian and a Saison and is intended to be a light, semi-complex but highly drinkable beer. Let’s see… The pour was golden with a lightish, predictable head with decent lacing. On the nose there really wasn’t all that much to speak of. Some light spice, but not as much as a typical Belgian style and a pleasant, fruity sweetness. I’d give the nod to pear, but it’s not that specific – more like a general ripe fruit kind of sweet. The flavor was more hearty than the nose would indicate and I think that’s probably what I like most about this beer – it’s slightly surprising. It seems like balance was at the top of the list of priorities with this beer and they have achieved just that. The malt density on the mouth balanced the sweetness of the nose and it’s dry and slightly bitter finish rounded out each sip nicely. It’s a great spring and summer beer, highly drinkable and should be a great entry for Flying Dog as temperatures start to rise here shortly. I could see myself enjoying this beer with everything from burgers to pizza to seafood and it being a nice compliment to all. Overall, although I wouldn’t say that this beer is Flying Dog’s most innovative, I will say it shows a bit of refinement and growth for the brewery. I like where this is going and I think FD should consider adding this to their year-round offerings. Two thumbs…

Cheers, ~G

– score 4


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