Samuel Smith’s – Organic Tadcaster

Organic beer you say? OK, I’m game. If there is one beermaker that deserves the benefit of the doubt it’s Sam Smith’s, considering they have such a solid brand and consistently produce great beer. I’m familiar with the *regular* Tadcaster, so I was looking forward to tasting the organic differences. All in, it’s a pretty good, albeit not particularly surprising beer. The pour yielded a cloudy orange but effervescent pint. The head was nice and neat and about two fingers with nice lacing throughout. The nose was yeasty, but there were obvious hints of caramel and a nice citrus overtone on top. Flavors were not particularly complex, but well balanced between the English yeast and the not-so-dominant hop bittering. The mouthfeel was smooth and a little oily, which made an otherwise simple beer seem a little more refined – an expected result from Sam Smith’s. It’s a beer I’d certainly have around most of the time and enjoy fairly regularly if it were half the price. Cheers ~G

3_5.png score – 3.5