Don’t call it a comeback…

I’ve been thinking about the forthcoming hop shortage and wondering what impact, other than price, it will have on American beer-making in the coming months. You could argue that the American craft brew scene has been somewhat dominated in the last few years by big hop profile beers, of which I’m a huge fan. The ingenuity and access to ingredients from all across the globe has spawned a generation of American craft brewers who are not bound by a regional or brand tradition and who certainly aren’t afraid to push the recipe envelope. It’s my opinion that American beers, much like American cars, have traditionally (with a few major exceptions) been run-of-the-mill and bland compared to the rich history and collective knowledge of European beermakers. However, right now American craft beers are, across the board, kicking ass.

But have we forgotten the art of the malt? Are we on the verge of a malty beer revolution, where we take the same reckless abandoned creative approach to our grains as we have in recent years to what we can do with our hops? Will continuous hopping during the boil, ridiculous quantities and dry-hopping just about everything give way to creative roasting, blending and grain adjuncts? As much as I love a 90-minute, Terrapin Imperial Pilsner or even a Stone IPA, I’m feeling excited about what the American Craft beermaker can do with an economicly-induced change of direction. I want a quadrupelbock, or an Imperial Brown, or maybe even a triple cervesa. I don’t know if it will happen, but I *do* know that regardless of the perceived limitations of ingredients with which to make our beer, the American craft brewer has earned the benefit of the doubt. And to me, there is no doubt that the future of American beer looks pretty damn tasty…

Cheers ~G


art and beer – this should be interesting

There’s an interesting article on about Jonathan Richter, a Nashville artist who paints an entire picture in the time it takes to finish a pint of beer.  Talented dude, and a cool concept as well.  Check out the full article here.

Flying Dog – hey, thanks for the beer!

After my review of the Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale, I was honored and a little surprised by a comment from Stephanie from the brewery. She thanked me for writing about the beer and offered to send me a few more to try when I had the chance. Of course, being the committed beer blogger and enthusiast that I am, I felt compelled to take her up on her offer. I am also not an idiot and would never turn down great beer sent to my doorstep. As it turned out, Stephanie was true to her word and soon I had a box with 3 offerings from the brewery on said doorstep, so I drank them. I’ll let you read the reviews for the more detailed thoughts on the beer, but generally speaking, it was a really great experience. All of the beers were totally unique and vastly different, and reinforced my belief that Flying Dog is one of the more creative and adventurous beer makers around. So thanks, Flying Dog, and I hope you get as much out of my feedback as I got from sampling the beer. Cheers ~G

Behind the Beer

The nice thing about brewing your own beer is sharing the finished product with your friends. Part of the excitement is not only the way it tastes, but the story of how the pint was created. A couple of my buddies have taken their obsession hobby to a new level of geekdom by not only brewing their own beer, but they have created a site dedicated to bringing you the story behind the beer. The idea is to contact beermakers who are consistently putting out quality beers, then hound them until they finally submit to an interview. So far, so good, and the content is slowly accumulating into a nice little site. They are also video geeks, so all of the future video content will be top-notch, hi-def, h-264 encoded, now I’m just making things up, awesome video. Stay tuned for updates or check it out for yourself. Drop ’em a line if you have suggestions – they’re super cool and up for anything. Cheers ~G

My Beer Blog

Hey everybody,

I guess it was time for me to start a WordPress Blog, so here it is. I’ll post every now and then on things I like – mostly beer, I’m guessing. Check back in whenever you want an update on what I’ve tried recently. I plan on doing my own version of tasting notes and ratings, but will look for you guys to post your own favorites, or not-so-favorites. Cheers. ~G