Samuel Adams – Hallertau Imperial Pilsner

sa_ip2.jpgSam Adams begins their description of this beer (and themselves) by saying, “Yes, we’re a little obsessed with hops.” And they continue by saying the beer is “brewed as a showcase for the hops, this bold brew highlights the spicy, citrus flavors and aromas of the Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops that are abundant in the recipe. Word. Hey, they’re right! This beer is a really big, really hoppy, really smooth, Imperial Pilsner. The pour was as expected – a little hazy, orangeish body with a thick rocky head. The nose was really nice and you could tell this was going to be a well crafted beer, for sure. When it comes to the taste we’re really talking about the hops. I mean, they *are* obsessed, right? The most interesting thing about the hop profile was certainly centered around the Hallertau hops, which make this beer different than other hop-heavy monster beers. Unlike some other American Imperial beers, where Cascade and Amarillo citrus notes dominate, the Hallertau aroma is much more floral and smooth, with a natural, earthy feel. The malt balances the body nicely, providing the smoothness needed to overcome the hop barrage on the front, but in the end, the hops win out with a strong bitter finish. I’d put this beer in the same category with the Terrapin Imperial Pilsner, and it’s every bit as good. For anyone who enjoys an Imperial style hop extravaganza, you’ll enjoy this beer, but be prepared to chug water and pain killers the next day. Now, where is that Advil again?

4_25.png score 4.25