Dogfish Head – 60 minute IPA

dogfish head - 60 minute IPAIf you’re familiar with Dogfish Head then you’ve tried this beer; but I thought I would start my reviews with the most accessible offering first, then move to the big dogs (with fish heads…weird). The 60 minute pours like a typical IPA, capping out somewhere between a one and two finger head which lasts a good while. The nose has a nice hint of grapefruit and the hops come right on out to meet you. The flavor is great – easy to drink, but it has some complexity as well. As with most Dogfish heads, it’s got that smooth mouthfeel and maltiness that’s really a trademark of the brewery, coupled with a nice sharp bitterness which lingers for a bit. More subtle flavors hint at caramel and cream, but the hopping lends an evergreen quality that add to the beer’s drinkability. I like this beer a lot. Worth a try, even for the casual beer fan. Cheers, ~G

4_251.png score – 4.25


Sierra Nevada – Anniversary Ale

Anniversary AleIf you’re a fan of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, you’ll really dig the Anniversary Ale. It’s a beautiful beer, with it’s copper coloring and long-lasting, rocky head – which sustains with nice lacing throughout the life of the pint. The taste is essentially a more refined version of the Pale, with a little more Cascade presence on the nose and body, and a slightly more malty mouthfeel. It’s good. Real good, actually. I’ve seen some other reviews which make this beer seem kind of average, but for me, this beer’s best quality is it’s accessibility. A beer doesn’t have to do something revolutionary or radical to be good, and I’m actually impressed more with balance and drinkability than with a quirky recipe. </vent> Anyway, pick some up if you can find it and I think you’ll find that this offering may not push the boundaries of beer making, but it’s damn good with a burger. Cheers~G

3_252.png score – 3.25