Flying Dog – Gonzo Imperial Porter

beer-gonzo-bottle.jpgThe second beer in the “why aren’t all breweries as cool as Flying Dog session” was the Gonzo Imperial Porter. As the name would suggest, it’s a big, robust Porter that may be a little crazy – but in a cool Jack Nicholson Psycho kind of way. The pour was almost black and produced a thick, caramel colored head which settled fairly quickly, but hints remained throughout the life of the pint. The nose was what you’d expect from a porter, with huge smoky malts leading the way. There was something unique about the nose and the taste, however, and that was a strong hop presence which surprised me a little. From the first sip I was sold on this beer. It was rich and smooth with a great mouthfeel, but to me, the hop profile is what makes this beer outstanding. Lots of porters have a wonderful malt recipe and the smoke and chocolate notes can make them a pleasure to drink, but very few of them have the breadth of this beer. The grassy and aromatic hop on the front provided balance and complexity, and also served to finish the back end like an IPA – clean and crisp. The medium carbonation mingled it all together and masked the alcohol content (which is around 9%) to round out one of the best Imperial Porters I’ve ever had. Kudos on this one! Cheers ~G

4_5.png score 4.5