North Coast Brewing – Old Stock Ale (2004)

old style.jpgI don’t know how I found this beer, but I did, and I’m really stoked about it. This was the 2004 vintage from North Coast and it pours a brownish deep red with a pretty insignificant head. The nose is rich and sweet, with nods towards tawny Port, fruit and a hint of vanilla. The flavor is awesome – exactly what I like in a barleywine style. You know, it’s hard to tell what you’re going to get sometimes with a barleywine and it can be a crap shoot to even get something drinkable. Actually, that’s not true, it’s always drinkable, but you get my point. That’s why I was so excited about this find. It’s an outstanding beer and is the perfect ‘closer’ drink at the end of an evening or even something you could enjoy with dessert. I shared this beer with my buddy, Jim, who compared it to the Wynkoop barleywine and felt like some vanilla bean ice cream would be a great paring and I totally agree. My only regret about this beer is that I couldn’t find more. If you ever see the 2004 vintage, buy it, then send me a bottle. Cheers ~G

4_75.png – 4.75 (cause I don’t have a graphic for a 4.9)